About my recent Artwork:

These pieces continue my series of work where I focus on linework, textures, and surreal mutations of the classic figure form. This series explores ideas of dissociation, perception, and destruction of the self.


About the Artist:

I am an Artist originally from New Hampshire, moving to Brooklyn from 2010-2018 and then Los Angeles, and am currently floating in limbo somewhere in the States. My drawings are detailed, surrealistic line drawings on paper primarily with ink and graphite.




2011 BA, Studio Art, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH


Exhibitions & Features


Wowxwow, Ecstatic Flux, Wowxwow.com

HiFructose, The Surreal Ink Drawings of Peter Striffolino, HiFructose.com

Out of Step Gallery, Coaster Group Show,  Eugene, OR

Weber, Pauline: “Peter Striffolino — Retournement De Cerveau”, Paulette Magazine, #46 — Dimensions, December 2019, Paris, FR

Savage Henry Magazine, Cover, #105 — The 80’s Issue,  Eureka, CA


Local Project Art Space, The Happening, Brooklyn, NY

Two Person Show, The Living Gallery, Overstimulated, Brooklyn, NY


The Living Gallery, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Publication, Out of Step Books, Black & White vol II, Riverside, CA


Cloud City, The Happening III, Brooklyn, NY

The Living Gallery, Mural, Brooklyn, NY

Solo Show, The Living Gallery, Not All There, Brooklyn, NY


308 Jefferson, Bushwick Smushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Burger Joint NYC, Rise of The Animals, Manhattan, NY


Weeknights/Associated Gallery, Why So Serious?, Brooklyn, NY

308 Jefferson, Ain’t No Basel, Brooklyn, NY

Souvenir Gallery London, Feature, London, England


Empire Hotel, NYFW Art Show, Manhattan, NY

Publication, Everything is Art, New York, NY

The Loom, Selvedge, Brooklyn, NY